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  • Take part in training sessions (+20 hours)
  • Benefit from the support of a dedicated coach
  • Receive financial support up to CHF 10,000.- / project
  • Access to an office in our co-working space at the UNIL Accelerator

Discover our activation programs

Are you a student, alumni, researcher or a collaborator from UNIL ?  UCreate activation programs are open to the UNIL community and kept online !

Depending on your needs and the degree of maturity of your idea, UCreate offers 3 programs. These programs are an opportunity to make your project a reality, acquire marketing skills, develop your network and increase your employability !

Do you have questions about an idea or a project ? Do you need guidance ? Contact a member of the HUB team.


  • 1 session with a team member or an expert
  • Duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour

Are you at the beginning of your idea process ? Do you have an idea that you want to confront to reality and mature ?

    • Exploration workshops over 3 evenings
    • 3 training modules
    • Support by a coach


    Do you want to make your project a reality and  acquire tools to launch it on the market ?


    • Program over 16 weeks 
    • 6 training modules
    • Access to a co-working space (250 m2)
    • Financial support up to 10,000.-/project
    • Support by a coach

    Take part in our events !

    How can we continue to build a spirit of solidarity as we emerge from the crisis?

    With Guillaume Granelli, co-founder of Alaya

    A testimony of Guillaume Granelli, co-founder of Alaya and alumni of the HEC faculty of UNIL, was elected Entrepreneur of the Year by FORBES “30 under 30” in the “social impact” category.


    June 18th 2020

    12:00 to 13:00

    B Corp Mouvement : Contribution and resilience of the 21st century companies

    With Jonathan Normand, director of B Lab Switzerland

    What future perspectives for an economy of stakeholders, regenerative and circular ? How to respond to the generational challenges of the 21st century ?


    May 7th, 2020

    12:00 to 13:00

    Entrepreneurs in times of crisis : Difficulties and opportunities to be seized

    With Christian Wanner and Laurent Haug

    Christian Wanner, former CEO of and Laurent Haug, speaker and consultant in digital innovation, are two alumni from UNIL. These experienced entrepreneurs will explain how their past experiences can help you get through the current crises and what are the opportunities to seize.


    April 15th, 2020

    12:00 to 13:00

    Join our community !


    Join our vibrant community around entrepreneurship and innovation. The membership to this community is entirely free and will bring many benefits to the UNIL community…

    Join our community!


    Join our vibrant community around entrepreneurship and innovation. The membership to this community is entirely free and will bring many benefits to the UNIL community…

    Access to the HUB events

    Many workshops, round table, conferences and afterwork are organized for members of our community. Take advantage of expanding your network and meet key players in the ecosystem during unique events organized by the HUB on the UNIL campus.

    A network of professionals and experienced entrepreneurs

    Experts and coaches specialized in their field to support members in their reflections and / or in the realization of their projects. Take advantage of expanding your network and meet key experts, coach and trainers in the ecosystem.

    Discounts on our partner events

    Take advantage of discounts on conferences, workshops and round tables organized by the HUB and its partners in the region. Moreovers, community members have priority access to certain events.

    A collaborative space for co-creation on the campus

    The space is open to the whole UNIL community. It is located in the heart of the campus and promotes collaboration between the HUB, students, student associations and project teams. This co-creation space will encourage interactions between all members of the UNIL community.

    Space location : Amphipôle office 353-2


    Partners who support us

    We thank our partners U Change and the HEC Foundation for supporting our UCreate activation programs. Thanks to them, UCreate3 projects benefit from funding up to 10’000.- per project which allows them to considerably accelerate their progress and increase their chance of success (market research, prototyping, etc.).