Atipikey wins CHF 10,000 at the Prix PERL

Atipikey wins CHF 10,000 at the Prix PERL


Congratulations to Zoé Prisse and Valentine Perrelet, alumni of our UCreate program (spring 2023), who win the Prix Coup de Coeur of CHF 10,000 for their ATIPIKEY project.

The Prix Entreprendre Lausanne Région (PERL) was held on May 15 2024, and rewards companies based in the Lausanne region that contribute to the creation and maintenance of jobs in the Lausanne region. Among the 5 prize-winners, Atipikey won the Prix Coup de Coeur worth 10,000 Swiss francs.

ATIPIKEY: facilitating the inclusion of neuro-atypical people
Companies wishing to develop a policy of diversity and inclusion sometimes lack the means to adapt their services and environment to the specific needs of atypical people. And yet, atypical talents represent great added value when the environment allows them to develop and perpetuate their potential. Improving accessibility not only helps to reduce company costs, but also enhances the efficiency and comfort of all employees, as well as customer satisfaction.

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