Le Hub des possibles launches its podcast « 2040, j’y vais »

Le Hub des possibles launches its podcast « 2040, j’y vais »


Le Hub des possibles launches its podcast called "2040 j'y vais", on February 28, 2024! This long-awaited podcast will offer its audience the chance to meet inspiring people who are reinventing agriculture, entrepreneurship, mobility and consumption.

Le Hub des possibles is a non-profit association founded by Chantal Peyer and Annick Wagner. Their mission is to support individuals and structures (businesses, public administration, non-governmental organizations) in their efforts to mobilize the environment and society.

"2040 j'y vais" is an invitation to look at the growing forest, rather than the falling tree, an impulse to collectively give ourselves the courage to build a sustainable future. This podcast will show that despite global warming, the collapse of biodiversity or the polarization of our societies, there is no fatality: the future depends on us!

Le Hub des possibles took part in the UCreate program in spring 2023.

Find out more about their podcast here: https://hubdespossibles.org/podcasts/ and listen to it directly here: https://open.spotify.com/show/2h6BPLUuFeUSYTRfRpfjCA