Imagine the sustainable university of tomorrow

One campus, one vision : Building an environmentally and socially responsible campus and a sustainable code of conduct for our community.

Work together with conviction and passion to contribute : You can all contribute by participating in the Innovation Challenge Campus 2030 open to all members of the UNIL and EPFL community. Twice a year, on a theme related to the sustainable development goals, get involved and become a player in ecological and social transition.

The campus as a living laboratory : As an interdisciplinary team, during 4 days, helped by coaches, you will be able to generate and develop your ideas. The best project will be chosen by a jury of experts and the winning team will have the opportunity to make their project a reality on campus by participating in the UCreate3 acceleration program, with support worth CHF 10’000.-

Join us to create a sustainable campus !


2nd edition

« equality, diversity and inclusion »

The 2nd edition of our Innovation Challenge will take place from October 11th to 15th, 2021. The mission is to generate ideas so that everyone, on our UNIL & EPFL campus, feels respected, helped and safe. Your ideas should lead to a more inclusive campus that recognize the differences, peculiarities and limitations of their communities. These may be initiatives that directly affect the campus or the behavior of the community in its day-to-day life. The ideas can be of a collaborative and / or associative nature (for example the creation a new association, label or event).

The winning team will have direct access to our UCreate3 acceleration program. She will be supported by LOYCO, the sponsor of this 2nd edition, who will provide support worth CHF 10’000.- for the realization of the project.

The 5 problematics you can have an impact on are :

1) Gender equality
2) Sexual orientation & gender identity
3) Racial discrimination
4) Handicap
5) Difficult social & economic conditions

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How to join the Challenge ?

To participate in the Challenge, please complete the form under the green button below before October 10th, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Please take note of the following points regarding your participation:

– The opening session of Monday 11th October will take place at the Vortex (health pass compulsory). For those who do not have a pass, you can join us online.

– The sessions from Tuesday 12th October to Friday 15th October will take place online.

– This Challenge is open to all UNIL students.

– EPFL students can participate but at least 1 member in each team must have a link with UNIL.

– All ideas are welcome. If you don’t have an idea you can join a team. If you don’t have a team, you can create one during the evening of Tuesday, October 12th.

– Registrations in French and English are welcome. The presentations of our speakers will be in French and the sildes in English. The coaching session & final presentations can be in your preferred language (French or English).

For any questions you can contact us at

Partners who support us

The jury of this 2nd edition

Equality, diversity and inclusion : some numbers

Source : Sondage 2021 de la Fédération des étudiants


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1st edition – march 2021