Accelerate your entrepreneurship journey.

Empower your team.

Turn your project into reality.

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UCreate3 acceleration program is designed for all members of the UNIL community : students, researchers, professors, employees and alumni. This interdisciplinary program is open to the 7 faculties of UNIL and supports all types of projects. We specifically encourage projects with a social and/or environemental impact.

Accelerate your entrepreneurship journey.

Empower your team.

Turn your project into reality.

UCreate3 acceleration program is designed for all members of the UNIL community : students, researchers, professors, employees and alumni. This interdisciplinary program is open to the 7 faculties of UNIL and supports all types of projects. We specifically encourage projects with a social and/or environemental impact.

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Why should you join the program ?

The main objective of UCreate3 is to encourage, facilitate and accelerate the creation and development of your project in line with our 4 values, which differentiate us from other programs : inclusive (non-technological or technological project), interdisciplinary (all faculties are concerned), contributory (in the service of sustainability) and collaborative (in connection with the existing ecosystem), and for projects, for profit or not.

A jury will select 8 projects per semester on the basis of criteria such as the relevance of the problem, innovation / differentiation, team and impact.

Accelerate your entrepreneurship journey.

You will be accompanied by experts, a dedicated coach for your project, entrepreneurs and trainers for 16 weeks over 10 modules. They will provide you with advice, tools and skills to accelerate the launch of your project on the market, as well as their network.

Empower your team.

Our program, well appreciated by our alumni, strongly encourages team projects (2 to 5 people maximum). We will help you anticipate and solve the challenges related to your team. This is the opportunity for you to acquire human skills in an entrepreneurial process.

Turn your project into reality.

You will put your concept to the test and follow a field-oriented journey. Find out how to reduce the risk of failure and validate your assumptions. This program will also allow you to consider, in a balanced way, the economic, social and environmental impact of your project.

A financial support of up to CHF 10’000.- per project is available to advance the prototyping of your project (market research, MVP, legal advice, etc.) and not for its commercialisation or salaries, and to maximize your chances of success !

Access a network and funding.

This program allows you to access the UCreate community composed of entrepreneurs, experts, coaches & trainers and to develop your network, as well as to participate in our new UCreate Alumni program. It is also an opportunity to gain visibility within the regional innovation ecosystem and to be prepared for other organizations (coaching, funding or other) that can support you later.

The only way to have a sustainalbe future is to create it

A bilingual French-English program

Each participant will be able to express themselves in their preferred language ; English or French.

The program manager, coaches and trainers are all bilingual.

All modules will be given in English. The members of the project team should have a good understanding of English.

Cours UCreate 3

Deadlines for the call for projects of autumn 2022

23rd of May 2022 : Opening of the call for applications

15th of September 2022 : Registration deadline

20th to 29th of September 2022 : Pre-selection by the jury of the HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation UNIL

3rd of October 2022Interview of the short-listed candidates and final selection of 8 projects

8th of October 2022 : Start of the program

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Details of the acceleration program of autumn 2022

#1 – October 8, 2022: Onboarding, program start 

#2 – October 18, 2022: Value Proposition

#3 – November 01, 2022: Testing & Prototyping

#4 – November 15, 2022: Business Model & Impact

#5 – November 22, 2022: Mid-Term Project Check Point

#6 – November 29, 2022 : Financial essentials

#7 – December 6, 2022: Pitch & Presentation

#8 – December 13, 2022 : Toolbox: Communication, IP, Legal (Online)

#9 – May 10, 2022 : What’s next – Roadmap & Team

#10 – January 3, 2023 : Dry Run

12th of January 2023 : Output Fair

Important information: The first module will take place on a Saturday and will last the whole day (9am – 5pm). The Midterm Review will last 45 minutes per team during the day (flexible schedule). Finally, all the other modules will take place in person at the Villanova from 6pm to 9pm.

Details will be sent directly to the selected projects. If you have any questions please contact us at

Programme UCreate3

Partners who support us

We thank our partners U Change and the HEC Foundation for supporting our UCreate activation programs over these past few years. Thanks to them, UCreate3 projects benefit from funding up to 10’000.- per project which allows them to considerably accelerate their progress and increase their chance of success (market research, prototyping, etc.). From 2021, support for activation programs will be provided by the HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation of UNIL. We are looking forward, thanks to these funds, to continuing to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives in the UNIL community.

Conditions of participation and FAQ

To whom is the UCreate3 program for ?

UCreate3 is open to all UNIL students, from bachelor to PHD. The program is also open to all UNIL employees including professors, researchers and members of the PAT as well as alumni. At least one member of the project team must be an UNIL student, employee, or Alumni.

What projects are eligible ?

Projects should not yet be a legal entity such as a SARL, SA, etc…

How will the projects be selected ?

All types of projects are welcome regardless of the level of technology (no tech, low tech, high tech), especially projects focused on sustainability. The members of the jury include professors from UNIL, members of the HUB, and subject matter experts from the region.

The project selection criteria includes, but is not limited to:

– Differentiation in the sector/industry;

– The composition and motivation of the team;

– The societal and environmental contribution.

Is financial support provided ?

Yes, financial support will be available and will allow you to test your products/services in the market, participate in trade shows, develop a possible prototype, or consult with an external expert. Each request will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the accelerator manager or a member of the HUB team. This line of credit may not be used to pay salaries under any circumstances.

How much does the program cost ?

The program is free of charge for the participants.

What are the program requirements ?

The selected teams must be present at all UCreate3 program training sessions and accelerator activities and complete all deliverables requested by the program management, coaches, experts or mentors.

Additionally, all project team members must comply with the general conditions and rules of the program that will be provided to each participant at the beginning of the acceleration.

Does UNIL take an equity position in the accelerated projects ?

No. The objective of the acceleration process is to support members of the UNIL community, not profit from any commercial activity that may result from participation in the UCreate3 program.

When can I use the workspace provided by the Accelerator ?

The workspace is shared with the other teams participating in the program. It is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with meeting rooms also available by reservation.

During the UCreate3 program, can I participate in other similar programs ?

The UCreate3 programme requires an investment of time and active engagement from the participants but is organised in such a way as to enable team members, especially students, to be able to carry out their projects while pursuing their studies.

However, participants are not permitted to register for or take part in other incubation, acceleration, or similar programs in parallel with the UCreate3 program.

In the case of a competition or grant opportunity, the project team representative must notify the accelerator manager (or HUB management) in advance in order to verify eligibility.

Application form – Call for projects autumn 2022

Submit your application for this autumn 2022 acceleration program until the 15th of September at 6:00 pm.

Step 1 : Please download the application form under this link and complete it.

Step 2 : Submit the application with the form below. Registration deadline is September 15th 2022.