2nd edition

« Diversity, Equality and Inclusion»

The 2nd edition of our Innovation Challenge took place from October 11 to 15, 2021. The mission was to generate ideas to make everyone on our UNIL & EPFL campuses feel respected, supported and safe. These ideas could lead to more inclusive campuses that recognize the differences, particularities and limitations of their communities. These could be initiatives that directly affect the campuses or the behavior of the community in its daily life. The ideas could be collaborative and/or associative in nature (e.g. the birth of a new association, label or event).

The 5 issues on which the participants could suggest ideas were the following :

1) Gender equality
2) Sexual orientation & identity
3) Racial discrimination
4) Disability
5) Difficult social & economic conditions

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Winning team : Projet Solidaire

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Winning team

Projet Solidaire aims to offer support to all students who experience difficulties (motor disability, Dys-, ADD(H), mental disorders, etc…) in their studies by offering them the help of a peer student and thus improve their comfort. It also aims to set up projects to raise awareness of the difficulties that students may encounter within the University.

Lidia Pantin Monteiro (UNIL student, faculty of SSP), Allison Brélaz (UNIL student, faculty of SSP), Shadya Marti (UNIL student, faculty of Letters) and Beatriz Helena Toledo Pastre (UNIL student, faculty of HEC) are the winners of the 2nd edition. They will enter UCreate3 with the support of LOYCO in spring 2022.

Equality, diversity and inclusion : some figures