« energy sufficiency : challenge yourself to innovate »

The 4th edition of our Innovation Challenge on energy sufficiency took place from March 6th to 9th, 2023. During 4 evenings, 4 interdisciplinary teams were able to develop 4 innovative concepts to promote the adoption of sustainable behaviors at UNIL and beyond.

Here are the challenges that were taken up by the teams and on which the participants proposed innovative solutions :

  • Travel by bike
  • By local and seasonal
  • Eat vegan food
  • Adopt the zero waste lifestyle

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Winning team : véLausanne

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Winning team

véLausanne is a mobile application project to “gamify” bicycle mobility. This app tracks your biking activity and awards points based on consistency and kilometers traveled. You can redeem these points for a variety of prizes and services offered by divers partners, ranging from discounts at bike shops to free gym memberships.

Mikele Gajda (student at  l’UNIL, faculté des HEC), Adrien Lengele (student at l’UNIL, faculté des HEC) and Shiv Katiyar (researcher at l’EPFL) are the winners of this 4th edition. They receive a prize worth CHF 5’000 offered by Romande Energie.