Trang Fernandez Leeknecht
Company Holistik
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Trang Fernandez Leeknecht


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it".

A graduate in law of the Universities of Lausanne and Zurich (Law 2003) and International Taxation (LL.M 2019), Trang is the co-founding partner of Holistik, an agile and entrepreneur-led financial and tech consulting boutique with Swiss and international tax and law expertise. Trang’s LL.M. research addresses the international taxation and regulation of blockchain (“crypto”) based assets in the era of financial transparency. Holistik is dedicated to driving positive change for better business and family goals, focusing on sustainability as a value-driver in growth, brand, strategy, and people. Prior to Holistik, Trang was Director Wealth Planning Switzerland in a leading sustainable private bank, and Vice Chairwoman of the Council and a member of the Investment Committee of a US$ 1B pension fund.

Trang co-chairs the Annual International Conference on Smart Finance at the Geneva Forum @ United Nations, on “Impact Investing & Philanthropy” and “Smart Finance & Digital Assets”, and is a judge at a global accelerator for high impact, tech startups. Trang speaks 4 languages, loves Switzerland, and appreciates the richness of a strong yet open identity.

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