Leila Delarive
Company Amplify
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Leila Delarive


"E = C3 the magic formula for entrepreneurship. Natural curiosity coupled with creativity and courage, to clear unknown territories in the service of society."

A PhD of the University of Lausanne (FDCA 2001), Leila also obtained her Master’s degree in law at UNIL.

Leila has created several companies, including Be Curious TV, a citizen TV channel, and Amplify, a digital platform for amplifying messages with a positive societal impact.

In 2018, she founded “The Empowerment Foundation”. This Foundation advocates for good governance of the digital world and for the development of new technologies that serve people.

Convinced by the importance of individual responsibility in the digital age, her interest is in the tools that enable citizens to make informed decisions, adapt and benefit from the changes brought by technological evolution.

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