Thomas Verduyn
Company Légumes Perchés
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Thomas Verduyn

Légumes Perchés

"It’s by doing that you learn, take advantage of the wonderful playground that is student life to launch projects that are close to your heart, and learn life lessons."

A graduate of UNIL’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (2015), Thomas obtained a Master’s degree in Information Sciences from UNIL’s Faculty of Higher Commercial Studies.

Thomas is a farmer’s son who has spent most of his days with his twin brother playing and discovering this profession by imitating his parents. Later, he leaves the countryside for the city. He enters the Rudolf Steiner school where he develops skills in manual work, especially in the vegetable garden.

It is in parallel with his Master in Information System at HEC Lausanne in 2018 that he decided to launch Légumes Perchés to reconnect with his diet. He had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge in market gardening on a farm in Canada. Over the past two years, he has visited many urban agriculture projects in Europe and North America. He is passionate about agriculture and shares his experience with pleasure.

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