Thierry Briquet
Company Les vélos du marché
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Thierry Briquet

Les vélos du marché

"The youth has today no more choice: it is up to them to create an ecological and united society, if they do not want to face dramas in the future."

Graduated from the University of Lausanne (HEC Master MCCF 2011), Thierry first follows a classical path by working as an accountant, treasurer and then controller in several multinationals and SMEs.

He realizes that in these circles, environmental issues (especially climate change) are largely unknown and therefore completely ignored both in global strategy decisions and in daily life. Alarmed by this observation, at the moment when it becomes clear that there is an urgent need for change, he decides to leave everything to launch an activity that will help create the world of tomorrow.

Thus was born Les vélos du marché, a bicycle delivery service for products from your local market. Sobriety, proximity, quality and sense are promoted. So many values that we must find as soon as possible.

Discover Les vélos du marché here.