Sébastien Nusslé
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Sébastien Nusslé


"Forget that you have no chance, go for it! You never know, on a misunderstanding it may work. Aside from the wink, entrepreneurship is doing something that has never been done before and no one knows if it will work. So my advice is to embrace the uncertainty and feed off the creative process, rather than restrict yourself for fear of failure."

Trained researcher in evolutionary biology and biostatistics expert, I co-founded genknowme – the Swiss company for epigenetic testing – with my wife Semira. I obtained a PhD in eco-evolution (UNIL, 2012), followed by a first post-doctorate in conservation biology (UNIBE) and a second four-year one at UC Berkeley (2023-2017) where I studied eco-evolutionary processes, i.e. environment-genetic interactions. Before creating my company, I headed the Swiss Fisheries Advisory Board (FIBER), worked as a fish ecologist in an impact study office, and founded a consultancy firm specializing in environmental statistics.

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