Sacha Roulin
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Sacha Roulin

Histoires de soi

"One should not look for jobs available on the market but rather seek to create work that is meaningful to oneself. Never stop looking for meaning, which is ultimately a quest for freedom."

A psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapist with a doctorate in psychology from the University of Lausanne, Sacha Roulin has chosen not to choose between his two vocations, therapy and the transmission of knowledge. In 2019, he co-founded Histoires de soi, a psychotherapy and teaching centre in Bulle. The desire to create a business in his own image was the driving force, the launch pad towards independence. They innovate by offering not only different forms of psychotherapy, but also café philo, literary cafés, and various teaching and sharing activities. They are delighted to have been able to create a space in Gruyère for people to meet and exchange ideas, and one that reflects their own personality.

His curiosity about people led him to study psychology. He enjoys helping people to make links between the different moments in their history, to find a coherent meaning to their existence. As a teacher, he likes to build bridges between disciplines, particularly philosophy, literature, psychology and current affairs in the broadest sense. In the Histoires de soi series, he tries to shed light on the ways in which people can become involved in a quest for meaning and knowledge.

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