Nicolas Weber
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Nicolas Weber


"Embrace the world as your classroom, for every experience is an opportunity to learn, innovate and transform the future, one sustainable step a time."

Nicolas Weber, with a multicultural background rooted in South America, grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland. He pursued his education in Lausanne, Hong Kong and London, earning a Bachelor’s degree from HEC Lausanne (2013) and a Master’s in Management and Strategy from the London School of Economics (2015).

He honed his expertise in sustainability and entrepreneurship during his tenure as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (2016-2022), where he supported entrepreneurs in Colombia and Mexico and was part of the founding team of a company launched with BCG Digital Venture.

In 2022, Nicolas co-founded and became CEO of Voltiris, an innovative renewable energy company in the agricultural sector. Voltiris specializes in the development of pioneering photovoltaic modules for glass greenhouses, allowing greenhouse owners to simultaneously produce energy and maintain crop yields. This unique approach enhances resilience, sustainability, and viability for the agriculture industry. Voltiris envisions a future of local, independent, and green food systems.

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