Nhat Vuong
Company The Happy Turtle's Straw
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Nhat Vuong

The Happy Turtle's Straw

"The opposite of success, if not failure, it is to have never tried."

Nhat Vuong is a Vietnamese refugee, who grew up in Nyon. He graduated at HEC Lausanne in 2006 before going to Tokyo, where he started working in the web industry and founded his first social business i-kifu to support victims of the tsunami in 2011.

After returning to Switzerland in 2015,  Nhat provided web marketing consulting services before the creation of  Water Inception in 2017. An NPO, which mission is to provide off-grid water generators that can produce drinkable water from the air to refugee camps facing water scarcity. He since then, co-founded The Happy Turtle Straw  in 2019, a social company with the mission to replace all the plastic straws with edible straws made of potatoes , cassava and rice, in order to contribute to the protection of oceans and of endangered sea turtles around the world.

He speaks 6 languages, is a TEDx Speaker and a Global Shaper from the World Economic Forum.

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