Monique Lehky Hagen
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Monique Lehky Hagen

Data Literacy

"True enterpreneurship is not about money – it’s about values and freedom of thought and action. Therefore, it is the backbone of every free and democratic society."

Established as an independent family doctor in Brig-Glis in Valais since 2005, Monique obtained her executive MBA focus healthcare UNIL/HEC Lausanne in 2016 after four years on the Board of Directors of the Valaisan Hospitals (HVS), where she was committed to “more medicine and less politics” and hospital management involving doctors and nursing staff in a more participatory way.

As President of the Société médicale du Valais, she has been actively involved at the political and tariff level since 2013 in order to improve the framework conditions for maintaining and replacing independent doctors in Valais and Switzerland. It is convinced of the importance of defending liberal and entrepreneurial medicine as a counterweight to the galloping nationalisation and centralisation of the various care structures. It is committed to opposing measures to ration care and to respecting the basic principles of medical ethics and medical secrecy, while at the same time defending freedom of choice and flexible, patient-friendly medicine and optimising the networking of existing resources.

Elected co-president of the CCM (Conference of Swiss Cantonal Medical Societies) in 2018, she launches, in collaboration with internationally renowned statisticians, a broad appeal to the political world in July 2020, calling for an urgent and perennial commitment to better societal data literacy. It understands this action as a form of societal entrepreneurship that aims to create a network of indispensable links and collaborations so that each of us can remain in control of our data and make personal, medical and societal decisions on comprehensible, validated and understood databases.

As vice-president of the Sanakvo Foundation she is actively involved in the humanitarian field by supporting the development of an innovative technology allowing the generation of drinking water from air humidity using a low-tech approach.

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