Marc-Antoine Burgener
Company Le Spot
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Marc-Antoine Burgener

Le Spot

"The greatest success in life is to be happy. All decisions must be based on the goal of achieving this without compromise. No plan B or safety net is necessary. Just take small steps towards that goal and don’t be discouraged by the hard knocks along the way."

Graduated from the University of Lausanne (HEC 2015), he directly took over the management of his brother Pat Burgener who is a professional snowboarder and musician.

In 2016, Marc-Antoine launched the Alaïa project (Chalet and Bay) in Valais with 2 associates, whose shares he sold in 2018 to found his management and marketing company Wabs Sàrl (We are brand shapers).

In 2019, the launch with 2 partners of the project Le Spot which is a Poké Bows take away in Lausanne as well as the launch with 2 partners of the project Veritas Watches Sàrl in 2021 which is a company in the purchase and sale of vintage watches shows the entrepreneurial energy of Marc-Antoine.

Discover Le Spot here.