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Eric Corradin


"When you’re hesitant to take a risk, embark on an unknown path, or step out of your comfort zone, ask yourself: what’s the worst that can happen to me?

For my part, I’ve never found an answer daunting enough not to take a chance."

A graduate of the University of Lausanne, Eric Corradin obtained a master’s degree in management from the HEC faculty in 2005.

After his studies, Eric joined PwC but quickly got tired of controlling what others had created. Change, the new, the different dictate his choices very early in his life. A 6-month solo trip to South America, half a year earning a living playing Texas Hold-em and a 3-year experience in a start-up developing industrial projects in Libya are the result.

The 7 years he then spent in Private Equity gave him the weapons to embark on his first entrepreneurial venture, Neho, which he co-founded in 2017 at the age of 35. Guided by strong values such as transparency, fairness and humility, and driven by the desire to blow a new wind on the sector, the company became in just 3 years a reference in the field of real estate transaction in Switzerland and now has nearly 80 employees.

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