Douglas Finazzi
Company The Swiss Peak
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Douglas Finazzi

The Swiss Peak

"Pursue your dreams but never fall in love with your own story."

Douglas Finazzi is a serial entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He co-founded his first startup in 2016 to commercialize the first mechanical smartwatch Swiss-made under the brand X-ONE.

He currently serves as the Manager for IFJ – Institut für Jungunternehmen AG for Romandie and Ticino, the leading organization for entrepreneurs in Switzerland, and as a partner for The Swiss Peak LLC, a respected Digital & Sports Marketing agency established in Lausanne.

He co-founded The Swiss Peak Sports, in order to support professional sports clubs and sports federation in their Digital Sports marketing strategies. He intends to commit his ventures to being a force of good.

Besides his professional activities, he participates in the development of youth through the publication of his first book Tommy & his amazing endeavors, which is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship to kids and through the game of American Football, in which he acts as J&S Expert with the Swiss Federation of American Football supported by Swiss Olympic.

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