Davide Staedler
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Davide Staedler


"Be entrepreneurial and be inspired by the beauty of Romanesco and its fractals: aim for elegance, simplicity, specificity."

A graduate from the University of Lausanne (FBM 2010) with a master’s degree in medical biology and pharmacology. Davide also holds a PhD in chemistry from EPFL.

Davide has been running TIBIO world for more than 11 years. TIBIO’s goal is to offer scientific consulting for private individuals and companies in the fields of environment and biotechnology. He is also Scientific Director of the Scitec Research Laboratory, one of the most important analytical laboratories in Switzerland, and a member of the Board of Directors of the start-up Levatura, founded by two former UNIL biology students.

He is also a Privat Docent at UNIL, passionate about industrial applications. He is involved in academic and humanitarian projects.

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