Cédric Coquelin
Company TeraSol
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Cédric Coquelin


"Entrepreneurship is stepping out of your comfort zone to innovate and make an idea possible. To innovate is to understand the problems of others and to bring solutions. In the field of Agrotech, innovation is bringing new visions to allow future generations to benefit from the natural resources that surround us."

Coming from a training course related to agronomy and the environment since the age of 16, I obtained a Bachelor in geography at “Paris IV La Sorbone”. After a few years spent on the seas, I am starting a Masters in Environmental Geoscience at UNIL, faculty of FGSE. Aware that soil issues are a major challenge for our societies, I continue my on-the-job training to end up with a CAS in soil mapping.

Passionate about by the fieldwork and driven by boundless curiosity, I decided to create TeraSol in 2022 to provide pragmatic solutions in the field of soil fertility and the revaluation of earthy materials.

Always attentive to the resonance of the market, I decided to innovate to serve futures générations.

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