Cap’able launches its climate game in 2024

Cap’able launches its climate game in 2024


Cap'able is launching its climate game over the coming year. This educational tool aims to raise young people's awareness of the planet's future through a collaborative board game. The team of Anthony Varaillon-Divanis, Louise Cardinaux, Antoine Brunner, Quentin Füeg, Laure Huysecom and Alexia Pasteels have developed this board game to inspire action and compromise.

Players learn how to deal with climate change in their daily lives, as they take part in a UN mission to make our societies sustainable and avoid climate collapse. In the form of a world map, the board allows players to travel from one continent to another using their pawns, in order to combat the threats that jeopardize their sustainability. Each character played represents objectives combining biodiversity, social well-being and sustainability.

Cap'able is a project that took part in our UCreate program, in autumn 2022.

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