Anne Voeffray
Company Photo Révélation de Soi
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Anne Voeffray

Photo Révélation de Soi

"“To photograph is to put the eye, the mind and the heart on the same line of sight”, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Starting out as a freelancer requires the same attitude."

After graduating from the University of Lausanne (SSP 2003) with a HES in nursing, Anne developed her passion for photography and has since devoted herself to it as a freelancer: in addition to various portrait mandates for the theater, publishing or the press, she offers workshops and accompanies people wishing to develop an introspection through the photographic tool.

In her artistic creations, Anne develops inner landscapes, making her self-portraits dialogue with a dreamed nature (Magma, Éd. BSN Press 2016 and Rencontres d’Arles 2017). Through a vast project of photo-anthropometric portraits, she pays tribute to powerful women (Sorcières, Éd. BSN Press and Musée Jenisch 2022). She also questions our intimate relationship to the society of control (Self scan, Limited print, Musée Forel 2022).

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