Amrita Etchepareborda
Company Check Your Health
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Amrita Etchepareborda

Check Your Health

"In life a lot of things happen, you just have to get carried away by the opportunities and grab them when they come your way!"

Freshly graduated from a Master’s degree in Management & Marketing at HEC Lausanne, Amrita is a free and dynamic spirit who has always seized every opportunity around the world, and thus in June 2020 she joined the world of entrepreneurship with Check Your Health.

She is now so involved because having anemia and hormonal imbalances, she had to deal with frustrating medical experiences and also realized that there was a big lack of education related to various health issues. It’s really this whole thing that drives her to have a positive impact on people’s health, helping them to be more proactive with their own health.

In addition, there is still a lot to be developed in the area of women’s health. The 2 female founders are aware that hormonal problems are still too taboo in our society and want to break this, educate and help women.

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