Cédric Rimella
Company I.D. Swiss Botanicals
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Cédric Rimella

I.D. Swiss Botanicals

"My advice to a young entrepreneur? Cash is king. Essential and never to be forgotten."

As an entrepreneur, Cédric Rimella has a particular appetite for creating projects from scratch and turning them into commercially viable businesses.

Most recently, he co-founded Babylon Sciences, a fast-growing CPG platform based in Switzerland with I.D. Swiss Botanicals as its core brand (plant-based neurocosmetics). Since then, he has headed the company as CEO.

Prior to Babylon Sciences and alongside various entrepreneurial ventures, in 2014 he co-founded and led On My Way (an innovative digital dry cleaning company – multiple award winner – 3rd best start up in Switzerland) through solid 3-digit growth until its exit in 2016 to a large French public company (€3 billion annual sales). This acquisition led him to develop the On My Way business model internationally until the end of my term of office.

Prior to this, he held positions as in-house counsel and general counsel in various international companies based in Switzerland and the United States, while developing skills in global project management and sales operations management activities within the same companies.

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