“Continue to innovate, to undertake, to put forward your values, to defend what you believe in. You are the generation that must take charge of its future, we have no more time! Let’s act together for a viable future, it’s the only thing that’s worth it.”

Sara Gnoni, Alumni of the faculty of business and economics

A graduate of HEC Lausanne, Sara is the founder and CEO of The Positive Project since 2018. Founded with the goal of making a positive impact on her environment and community through her professional activities, her services are focused in sustainable finance and corporate environmental consulting. Prior to founding The Positive Project, she worked for several years with the Big Four, which allows her to put her experience and knowledge to work for the benefit of others, having in the meantime trained as an environmental consultant. She is also a Green local councillor for the city of Lausanne, and is involved in several associations and active in various movements.