Dorian de Vinck

Cyril Déléaval

Startup Coach

While studying sociology at the University of Geneva, Cyril joined a childhood friend who had started an e-commerce website. The startup grew rapidly and was sold in 2010 with 25 employees.

He then co-founded several highly verticalized marketplaces in French-speaking Switzerland before launching a generalist platform in 2014. During this period, Cyril realised that it was necessary to help very small businesses to become digital and set up a web agency that offers SaaS websites with a business approach.

After having sold and set up more than 650 websites in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, Cyril decided to change his life and put his experiences at the service of others.

He joined GENILEM in 2017 and supports many start-ups around 3 axes: the structuring of their business in order to allow for a ramp-up, the acceleration of sales and the monitoring of indicators (including cashflow).