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Le HUB des possibles

More and more of society is becoming aware of the ecological issues at stake, as well as the unpredictable health, energy and geopolitical context.

A number of difficulties are emerging:

  • Openness to scientific facts and forecasts is leading to a rise in negative emotions (depression, eco-anxiety, eco-colonialism, etc.).
    negative emotions (depression, eco-anxiety, eco-angry, etc.), leading to damaging psycho-social risks.
  • It's easier to take refuge in daily routine in the face of potential collapse
  • Denial, paralysis, a lack of knowledge about the levers for action and/or the force of habit prevent society from mobilising on a large scale.

Le Hub des possibles is a Think-and-Be Tank* designed to support individuals and organisations (businesses, public authorities, non-governmental organisations) in adopting a clear-sighted optimistic stance and taking steps to mobilise environmental and social action.

Discover their website: https://hubdespossibles.org/le-hub/