Cérémonie Mérillat
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Cérémonie Mérillat

Organising the funeral of a loved one comes with a lot of constraints: it can be difficult to decide how to celebrate a life in the image of the deceased, to include family living abroad, to decide on the venue for the ceremony, and to make these decisions in a short space of time. The officiant generally encourages classic, sober services, which are not necessarily in keeping with the personality of the deceased. The rooms may be poorly equipped, the sound is of poor quality, and the musical and video options are limited.

Cérémonie Mérillat is proposing to integrate digital technology for a 'goodbye' that knows no boundaries, to enable immersion through digital devices. This integration is also intended to be multi-sensory and creative, so as to create a dynamic experience that reflects the personality of the deceased (video projection, sound of the deceased's voice, light and sound ambience).

📆 Spring 2021 cohort